Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What We Had For Lunch

We've been working hard to make this life fulfilling and enjoyable. That's because we know that we deserve it. Over the news lately, people were striving to fight against sickness, calamity, problems and even death. Since we have the opportunity to remain calm and hopeful for our loved ones, we tend to live normally.

That's why we try to cook the best for our family. We use the best and freshest ingredients we could have for a delicious treat for them. I'm so amazed with this cooked shrimp that's been made by using one of the most interesting shrimp recipes I've ever read online. Take a peek of the results by looking at this photo. So, yummy!


Diane Gonzales said...

Wow, it looks delicious! I love seafood too. When I visited my friend, who's planning to study in a reputable international school for dentistry like SULTARC, we had a sumptuous dinner. He prepared seafood and vegetable salad.

Thanks for sharing the nice blog.

Sheena said...

I love your blog! The template is amazing. Well, I always remember Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite when it comes to seafood. Their delicious menu is what I'm always thinking. Accommodation-wise and food aspect, Mount Sea Resort is the best of all Cavite resorts, Philippines location.

Thanks for sharing!

Diane Gonzales said...

I love seafoods! I'm grateful you shared wonderful photos of the seafood menu. I'm truly impressed with your passion for cooking.

By the way, have you been to Watercamp resorts in Cavite? I'm planning to celebrate my birthday in the said resort and I want to know if they serve seafood. I know most Cavite resorts serve that kind of food because the province is surrounded with beaches.

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